Key figures 2020

Selected indicators of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting standard in the Standards version and the Group’s own indicators are available in the non-financial report.

  • 6.0


  • 10.3

    Operating cash flow

  • 3.0

    Net debt reduction

  • 58.13

    Electricity production

  • 35.67

    Electricity distribution

  • 41.17

    Sale of energy to end users

  • 1
    M t

    CO2 emission reduction compared to 2019

  • >40

    Total number of employees

  • 6.7

    Funds donated to fight COVID-19

We are changing the landscape
of the Polish energy sector

Having made firm decisions and being consequent in action PGE Group is more than prepared for transformation process. In the power industry decisions are made with a long-term perspective. Crucial is the perseverance in their implementation. The successes we have achieved this year, despite the difficult external conditions, keep the management board of PGE convinced that our decisions regarding investments and management of the Group were correct

Letter of the President of the Board

How do we understand sustainability
Business model
Development impulse

Clean energy

As a leader of transition, we declare to reduce our impact on the natural environment. We plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by changing the technology, expanding the renewable energy portfolio and enabling our clients to participate in the transition. By 2050 PGE Group will achieve climate neutrality by 2050 and will provide 100 percent of green energy to its customers.

Modern energy

Grid infrastructure and partnership-like relations with customers are the foundation of energy transition. PGE Group wants to maintain the highest customer satisfaction level on the market, resulting from the quality of customer service and the energy services being offered. Activities planned in this area cover the development of professional energy services and integrating communication and sales channels

Efficient and effective

Personnel development will be focused on renewable energy and modern energy services. We will continue improving our operational effectiveness. The ICT area will be leveraged to drive the Group’s efficiency gains through process automation and digitalisation.

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