PGE Group is a modern and reliable supplier of electricity and heat. In 2020, PGE Group companies (mainly PGE Obrót and PGE Centrum) supplied over 41 TWh of electricity to approx. 5.5 million customers.

In 2020, PGE Dystrybucja, a company licensed to distribute electricity and providing electricity supply services within PGE Group, distributed nearly 35,700,000 MW of electricity on an area of 122,400 km2 (approximately 38% of Poland’s territory).

PGE Energia Ciepła generates and supplies heat to approximately 2 million customers in large cities such as: Cracow, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Wrocław , Rzeszów, Lublin, Bydgoszcz and Kielce. The company is also present in Toruń, Zielona Góra, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Zgierz and Siechnice, where it also distributes heat to end customers. In these cities, heat is supplied to consumers via district heat networks with a combined length of 640 kilometres.

Paweł Śliwa
Vice-President of the Management Board for Innovations

We are the largest electricity generation entity in the country, with 5.5 million customers. Remote customer service during the pandemic was a challenge also for us. After announcing our strategy, we can see how the market is changing. A few years ago, we extracted lignite, from which we produced, distributed and sold electricity. Today, the customer is also a producer – he produces energy and feeds it into the grid. This is the place for digitization. This also applies to the sales area. It is also important in the context of the energy transformation – today we are dealing with the technological process of combining two or three production possibilities, and then storing and selling energy.

Customer service under new circumstances

The Covid-19 pandemic had an impact on both PGE Group and its customers. Understanding the serious impact that power outages may have on society and the economy, PGE Group decided to suspend its debt collection activities aimed at customers with arrears in the payment for supplied electricity as of the second quarter of 2020. At the same time, in order to minimise interruptions in energy supply in the particularly difficult initial period of the pandemic, from mid-March to mid-June 2020 PGE Dystrybucja carried out primarily technical works to ensure safe operation of the grid, so that the supply of electricity remained uninterrupted, in particular to facilities important for the security of the state and its citizens (hospitals, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.). For this purpose, modernisation, investment and maintenance works were limited, with focus on ensuring uninterrupted energy supply.

PGE Obrót customer ervice office

Source: PGE Obrót archive.

PGE Obrót customer ervice office

Source: PGE Obrót archive.

Photos of screens at PGE Obrót customer service offices. 

Source: PGE Obrót archive.

At the initial stage of the pandemic, out of concern for the health of employees and customers, a decision was made to close the network of PGE customer service outlets. Some employees of the PGE Obrót Customer Service Offices reinforced the manning of the Contact Centre, which took over all customer service tasks. To ensure the continuity of operations of the remote channel, a decision was made to apply a distributed work system – call centre consultants were given the option of remote work. It was possible thanks to the full commitment of all employees of the IT units at PGE Group companies, who had to reconfigure the PGE ICT network within a very short deadline. All Customer Service Outlets run by PGE Dystrybucja were also shut down. Customers were served on a case-by-case basis by appointment, under a full sanitary regime. PGE Centrum, operating in Warsaw under the brand name LUMI, also closed its customer service outlet.

In parallel, an internet campaign was carried out to inform customers about the transfer of all services to remote channels and the possibility of entering into an agreement without having to leave home. During this period, an upward trend in the use of this possibility was observed. The number of enquiries related to agreements and offers submitted through the remote channels of PGE Obrót increased from the beginning of the pandemic, i.e. from March 2020, to the end of December 2020, by 69% compared to the entire year 2019, i.e. to an average of 31,000 enquiries per month.

Customer service at PGE Dystrybucja’s customer service office.

Source: PGE Dystrybucja archive

The maintenance of service provision continuity would not have been possible without changes to the applicable processes and previously prepared improvements concerning, among other things, the conclusion of agreements. In PGE Obrót, the process of entering into energy sales agreements on a remote basis was prepared, based on secure digital signatures. The company also promoted the possibility to sign documents by means of the following:

  • a trusted profile (a free service made available via the ePUAP platform),
  • a qualified signature (a commercial service),
  • the eDO App, an application for the holders of an ID card with an electronic layer.

Thanks to IT systems developed over the years, the companies and district heating divisions belonging to PGE Energia Ciepła were able to remotely manage the operation of district heating networks, receive and record customer requests and provide comprehensive customer services during the 2020 pandemic. An important system used in the provision of customer services is telemetry, which allows remote monitoring of the operation of nodes and consumer installations. The telemetry system also provides information on the location of disturbances in the functioning of the network and nodes, so it is possible to react remotely and quickly in advance, even before a disturbance is noticed by the customer.

The pandemic caused lasting changes in customer behaviours that have and will continue to affect the development of the service provision area at PGE Group. Despite the opening of the traditional customer service outlets, many customers continue to choose remote channels. The PGE Obrót Contact Centre handled 75% more calls in the fourth quarter of 2020 than in the same period of 2019.


Customer satisfaction

PGE provides its services to customers in the areas of distribution, electricity sales and heating.

Despite the many challenges that last year brought to all energy sellers, the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) in the case of PGE Obrót remained at a high level, among both G tariff and C1 tariff customers.

CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)

PGE Dystrybucja has been monitoring customer satisfaction with its services for six years. Their analysis covers the connection process and contact with the emergency service. PGE Dystrybucja also monitors satisfaction with direct contacts with company electricians.

The 991 emergency hotline response rate was, on days without weather-related mass emergencies, approximately 92%. Customer satisfaction rates are also very high. The Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI) concerning contact with the 991 emergency hotline amounted to 91% and to 93% in the case of contact with the PGE Obrót hotline. It resulted from the high standard of work and commitment of all consultants who, especially during the period when the direct service network was shut down, accepted significantly more calls from PGE customers compared to previous years.

Attention to every customer

One of the priorities of PGE Obrót is to provide services to people with various disabilities. Nearly 80% of PGE Obrót customer service outlets are equipped with ramps for wheelchairs or are located on the ground floor of buildings. Additionally, people who have problems with access to customer service outlets may use remote channels. For the comfort of people with disabilities, appropriate standards have been developed depending on the type of a customer’s disability. All brick-and-mortar customer service outlets of PGE Obrót are also equipped with magnifying glasses for the elderly and visually impaired. Thanks to this, they can easily and independently read documents and familiarise themselves with the content of an offer or an agreement. PGE Obrót has been granted the OK Senior certificate. The certification process and the OK Senior Quality Label may be used by an entity which offers high-quality services and products intended for the Customer 60+. Moreover, in 2020 PGE Obrót was once again awarded the Customer Friendly Company certificate.

The new business strategy and customer service

The development of remote channels is consistent with the new business strategy of PGE Group. The area of customer relations is one of the main elements of PGE Group’s development in the coming years. The integration of contact channels, as well as the improvement and unification of service provision standards will be the foundation for further development of the retail area focusing on ensuring energy and heat comfort for customers. An important element will be support for customers planning to become energy prosumers.

Besides the development of remote channels, PGE plans to rebuild the network of direct service outlets so as to be even closer to customers and better meet their expectations. PGE wants to provide customers with products and services through friendly and always available service and sales channels. PGE’s ambition is to achieve the CSI of 85%. The competencies of employees and integrated product and service solutions should make it possible. In the long run, PGE Group wants to become an energy integrator for its customers.

PGE Group continuously pays attention to its customers’ welfare and warns them about unfair practices of some energy suppliers who often impersonate proven and reliable brands such as PGE. To this end, it conducts its own educational and information campaigns in both the traditional and internet media. In this respect, PGE Group also actively cooperates with local government administration units and the police.

Presentation of new strategy #PGE 2050.

Source: PGE archive

Number of customers

In 2020 the PGE Group, as a large and stable seller, gained new customers in the retail sales of electricity. At the end of 2020, the number of customers of PGE Obrót was larger by almost 81 thousand in comparison to the year prior.

Number of customers in 2020 and 2019 (Data related to PGE Obrót S.A.)

Tariff Number of customers according to power take-off points
2020 2019
A tariff group 142 169
B tariff group 12,575 12,708
C+R tariff groups 446,253 450,126
G tariff group 4,954,863 4,869,622
TOTAL 5,413,833 5,332,625

Services that match expectations

We are consistently developing our offering in order to meet our clients’ growing requirements. We combine sales of electricity with additional services offered in cooperation with external partners. PGE strives to be an innovative company that treats its Customer’s needs in a complex manner and takes care for business effectiveness and efficiency. We are oriented on seeking and identifying new revenue sources and strengthening our position in the market.

In 2020, PGE Obrót became involved in the creation of the mobile platform and application Fachowcy (Professionals) connecting customers with service providers. Via the free platform, you can find companies that provide various services, and these can win new orders this way. The emergence of Professionals is the result of a large, constant interest in the above-mentioned „Future without failure” offer. The launch of the platform is also part of the social campaign conducted by PGE under the slogan „Polish – I’m buying it!”, the aim of which is to encourage Poles to choose Polish products and use domestic service providers.

Ecologic offer

Our offering „Naturally, it’s energy” covers the sale of electricity produced from renewable sources. This product is dedicated to business clients focused on eco-friendly activities. Clients receive guarantees of origin, i.e. electronic documents confirming that the specified quantity of electricity was produced from renewable sources. Guarantees of origin are an element of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Photovoltaics are becoming increasingly popular.  In 2020, we continued the „ECOlogically into the future” offer that was launched in 2019. The offer was prepared for the owners of single-family houses who decide to install photovoltaic panels. The package includes advice and assistance in implementing the best solution tailored to the individual needs of a household, as well as promotional conditions for the settlement of electricity consumption.

The „ECOlogically in the future” package is not only the possibility of introducing produced but unused electricity into the grid, allowing it to be collected in 80 or 70 percent. in accordance with the provisions of the Act, but also a free technical audit, an individual offer with a valuation, support in the field of available forms of investment financing and delivery of the highest quality devices.

The sale, delivery and installation of photovoltaic modules are carried out in cooperation with external partners, companies professionally dealing with comprehensive service of such investments, using the highest quality components that ensure a long service life of the installation, confirmed by a Polish warranty with service.

A special offer for entrepreneurs who are or plan to become prosumers, and will use the generated electricity for the purposes of their own business.

The promotional offer for business customers is a package of two services. First of all, consulting, design and sales, together with the assembly and commissioning of a set of photovoltaic micro-installations adapted to the activities carried out by customers and their related needs. Secondly, customers who purchase a micro-installation from one of PGE’s partners will receive preferential price conditions for electricity after presenting the micro-installation acceptance protocol and signing a comprehensive contract for prosumers. The prosumer agreement guarantees the settlement of energy in the rebate system, in accordance with the RES Act.

The design, assembly and sale of micro-installations is carried out in cooperation with external partners experienced in comprehensive service of such investments. The delivery of high-quality devices is preceded by a detailed technical audit aimed at determining the individual needs of customers and optimal design of the photovoltaic installation.

The partners also support the Company’s customers at every step in completing the necessary documents necessary to report the connection of micro-installation to the power grid of the Distribution System Operator.

Another offer in our product portfolio is the implementation of one of the main directions of the development strategy of the entire PGE Group, i.e. providing customers with broad access to green energy. It is also a new approach to Customer relations related to the development of dispersed energy. In this proposal, we base on our business strengths: extensive knowledge, attractive commercial conditions and good cooperation with external companies dealing with renewable energy sources. In this way, we support entrepreneurs in twofold. We not only help them switch to green energy, but also cooperate with them as subcontractors in photovoltaic offers.

Robert Choma
President of the Management Board of PGE Obrót


With the comfort and safety of customers in mind, and for the sake of the natural environment, from September 2020, PGE Obrót S.A. launched another method of activating the service using the Electronic Form available at Thanks to it, giving consent to an electronic invoice is even easier and takes only a few moments.

In addition to easier payment management, PGE eInvoice is also a measurable benefit for the natural environment by reducing paper consumption – the company sends almost 1.5 million electronic billing documents during the year.

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