Environmentally friendly energy

zero- and low-emission sources in the portfolio by 2030
>120 million tons
of avoided CO2 emissions by 2030
share of renewable energy in the portfolio by 2030
>90 TWh
of accumulated generation of renewable energy by 2030
share of zero- and low-emission sources in heat production by 2030
of renewable energy for PGE’s customers by 2050, balancing retail sales with RES production by 2050 at the latest
CO2 emissions reduction in PGE’s generating units by 2030
CO2 emissions reduction in PGE’s generating units by 2050

Achieving climate neutrality

2.5 GW in 2030

Development of two offshore wind farm projects – Baltica 2 and 3 – as part of a strategic partnership with Ørsted – a global industry leader.

>6.5 GW in 2040

Development of subsequent projects in the auction support system:

  • Baltica 1 – 0.9 GW
  • New locations: 3.1 GW

Development impulse thanks to offshore wind farms

imp-vector-ENG-01 imp-vector-ENG-01

Building a share in the RES market

>3.0 GW new PV capacities by 2030

  • Organic development using the Group’s competences
  • Project acquisitions at the building permit stage
  • Building service competences

>1.0 GW new onshore wind capacities by 2030

  • Preparation of a portfolio of new projects compliant with spatial regulations
  • Acquisitions of operational wind farms and projects at the building permit stage
  • Repowering of existing assets

Providing access to green energy to PGE customers by implementing long-term cooperation offers

0.8 GW – capacity for customers until 2030

  • Preparation of an offer to build renewable energy installations for customers (on-site)
  • Installations for local governments and energy communities
  • Development of the off-site PPA model
  • Balancing and storage services

Increasing the waste recirculation rate and reducing the volume of landfilled waste

Recycling target till 2035
Waste storage target till 2035

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