Efficient and effective organisation

The business environment is becoming more complex, unpredictable, changeable and ambiguous. In order to meet the challenges resulting from decarbonisation, decentralisation and competition, PGE Group must improve its operational efficiency. Effective cooperation of qualified staff and integrated ICT systems will allow to improve productivity and cost effectiveness.

remote services readiness
Optimisation of asset maintenance costs by 2025 versus the 2017-2019 average
share of aid funds in the financial needs of the PGE Group for the investment program
reduction of fixed costs by 2030 vs 2019 (the figures do not include the effect in the conventional generation segment)
employment in 2030
employment in 2050

The company's financial stability thanks to the reliable implementation of the new roles of the DSO

PLN billion increase in FCFF through support in developing a regulatory model that guarantees meeting the challenges of transition
PLN billion increase in margin in the retail segment (annual average) due to increase of profitability of energy services

Financial targets

Effective and systemic obtaining financing from preferential sources and stable EBITDA level evolving into the “green” and regulated direction will enable the implementation of an ambitious investment program.

Share of aid funds in the financial needs of the PGE Group until 2030

PLN 75 bn  CAPEX for 2021-30. Group investments will focus on renewable energy, heating transition and network infrastructure.

Stable EBITDA with the evolution of the structure towards green and regulated

  • EBITDA >PLN 5 bn in 2025
  • EBITDA > PLN 6 bn in 2030


Limited leverage increase while maintaining the rating. Using the potential of green debt financing and project finance.

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