Dialogue with stakeholders

The success of transition depends on all PGE stakeholder groups having a good understanding of it and actively contributing to the process of changes. PGE makes every effort to ensure that the energy transition is just, transparent and carried out in accordance with arrangements reached in the dialogue process.

PGE Group holds cyclical dialogue sessions or stakeholder panels to learn the opinions and expectations of both the business and local communities. Invitations to such meetings are sent to representatives of the following key groups: government administration, regulators, media, industry and non-governmental organisations, academic communities, investors, representatives of local communities and employees.

PGE Group’s key stakeholders:

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Public affairs

PGE Group operates in an exceptionally complex and volatile regulatory environment. On-going monitoring of legislative processes and active participation in dialogue with groups responsible for law-making are an essential element for conducting effective economic activity and fulfilling our stakeholders’ expectations. This activity directly translates into building the Group’s value.

Therefore, we strive to increase public awareness of the problems and challenges facing the energy industry among decision makers and the general public.  We organise and co-host conferences and workshops related to the sector’s current situation and problems: shape and direction of EU climate and energy policies, including industrial emission standards and limits, capacity market, plans to modernise the power sector in Poland, renewable energy sources.

Our responsibility

We are the power market leader in Poland. We provide energy security. We are a natural partner for discussions with lawmakers as well as central and local administration. PGE’s position also means social responsibility – looking from the viewpoint of the obligation to ensure the security of the entire power system which then ensures the security of uninterrupted energy supplies to our clients.

We emphasise a wide and open discussion about the future of the Polish and European power industry.

We are promoting PGE Group’s vision, strategy and positions on issues that are of importance to state security and the stable development of Polish economy. Our experts analyse the consequences of regulatory and political decisions in the energy area. We share our observations and analyses within existing frameworks for dialogue with the administration and lawmakers. We are actively participating in parliamentary committee and sub-committee sessions where we try to bring attention to issues of significance to PGE Group and the entire power industry.

We believe that the basis for PGE Group’s lasting, sustainable development is maintaining proper partner relations with institutions that continuously supervise the markets in which we operate. We emphasise constructive and transparent dialogue with independent market regulators and market supervisory agencies. We operate in accordance with the following rule from PGE’s Code of Ethics„We build trust by duly informing about our business”.

We are a member of a number of power-industry organisations, which is another channel through which we present our opinions. This ensures that positions are balanced and take into account the viewpoints of all organisation members.

Group companies are members of organisations such as:

  • Economic Society Polish Power Plants
  • Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association
  • Energy Trading Association
  • Energy and Environmental Protection Economic Chamber
  • Association of Polish Electricians.
  • Polish Wind Energy Association.
  • Polish Industrial CHP Plant Association

As the largest energy group in Poland, we are aware of the weight of decisions concerning the future of energy that are being made at the European level. We are present on the international forum, actively contributing to institutional dialogue and aiming at the mutual understanding of the arguments of the various parties. We believe that a constructive exchange of arguments and views leads to compromise. Much of our activity is centred around PGE’s membership in the Polish Electricity Association, an association gathering industry representatives in Poland. The President of PGE’s Management Board, Wojciech Dąbrowski, is also president of the Polish Electricity Association. Moreover, through Polish Electricity Association we actively participate in the works of international organisation EURELECTRIC, representing the interests of the electricity industry at the European level. CEO Wojciech Dąbrowski, as the representative of the Polish Electricity Association, sits in the  EURELECTRIC Board of Directors. PGE also participates in the work of such international industry organisations as: Central Europe Energy Partners, World Energy Council via Polish Committee of the World Energy Council, or Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership.

The growing need for direct dialogue with the European environment meant that in April 2019 PGE opened its own representative office in Brussels, remaining a member of Polish Electricity Association (PKEE). In the area of representing the voice of the entire Polish power industry, PKEE is the leading entity in Brussels.

Meetings of the Management Board with employees

In connection with the announcement of the new Strategy, the management board of PGE held meetings with employees of companies from the PGE Capital Group. Online meetings are very attended.

Teleconferences were held with the participation of President Wojciech Dąbrowski, members of the management board of PGE SA and individual companies from the Group. For people who do not have access to broadcasts on their own computers, special rooms with audiovisual equipment were available.

At each of the meetings, President Wojciech Dąbrowski explained how the strategy would affect respective companies from the PGE Group and answered questions and doubts of employees.

Wojciech Dąbrowski
President of the Board, PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna

We want all employees to receive from us all the necessary information about the PGE Group and its further development. It is essential that all Employees have equal access to information and data regarding the future of the Group. We realize that the lack of direct contact is an obstacle, but despite everything, I am glad that the meetings are so popular and I am very grateful for that. I would like to emphasize that the management board of PGE remains at the disposal of all employees. Implementation of the strategy is a project that will last for years and I believe that we will do it together.

Social responsibility

Sustainable transition requires comprehensive changes, in both the functioning of the Company and its environment. One of its key dimensions is the social aspect. PGE Group’s responsibility in this respect consists in preparing employees, customers, business partners and local communities for the transition in the best possible way. The changes being implemented are beneficial to all parties, taking into account aspects of particular importance for the natural environment, resource management and future generations.

The established objective is inevitably connected with the decarbonisation of power generation. This will have a major impact on the lives of people in the Bełchatów and other regions. PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna, a PGE Group company, employs over 8,000 people at the Bełchatów complex. PGE is aware of its obligation to take action that is aimed at the development of the local intellectual and infrastructural potential.

In November and December 2020, PGE, in cooperation with research firm 4P Research Mix, carried out a survey in Bełchatów to identify the mood of the region’s inhabitants related to the phasing out of mining and to examine how the Bełchatów complex affects the life of the local community. The responses illustrate the expectations of Bełchatów residents towards PGE, the largest employer in the region, and make it possible to identify concerns related to the planned transition of the region.

The survey found that residents expect above all that the process of moving away from lignite would be spread over time, allowing them to prepare for the changes. They also expect the government and PGE to engage in dialogue with residents and to inform them of their intentions for the region, which will allow them to plan for the future and reduce uncertainty, stress and the sense of lack of control. For the respondents, it is also important to receive support in employee re-training. The funding of training, especially in professions related to RES, will enable younger workers to retrain. Residents are counting on new jobs in Bełchatów.

PGE is aware of the challenges posed by the planned transition and is already preparing to fill the gap to be left by the conventional power generation industry. The planned projects related to the first stage of Bełchatów’s transition will exceed PLN 4.5 billion.

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