Return on investments

We know how huge investment expenditures are related to the energy transition process. Therefore, we focus on the optimal use of our capital and implementation of investments that provide the greatest added value.

  • PGE Group’s activities in the area of investments are regulated by PGE Group’s Investment Policy, which sets out rules for evaluating, selecting, planning and monitoring investments and for assigning roles and tasks

Factors such as:

  • Electricity demand forecast
  • Database of existing capacities in national power system
  • New projects
  • Forecasts for fuel and CO2 prices
  • Development of renewables
  • Transboundary exchange

Market model (Forecasts)

PGE-idea-01 PGE-idea-01
  • With the analytical and decision-making process, only the most economically effective projects may be implemented.
PGE-investmentphase-ENG-v2 PGE-investmentphase-ENG-v2
  • In accordance with rules specified in the Investment Policy and Investment Committee Regulations, all Strategic Investment Tasks should receive a recommendation from the Investment Committee prior to moving forward to each phase of the investment life-cycle.
  • This guarantees appropriate oversight of the process. This is also of key significance in a rapidly changing business environment, which may substantially alter the conditions for implementing specific investments.

Investment process

PGE-monitoring PGE-monitoring
  • The investment process is subject to on-going monitoring by the Corporate Centre. Thanks to this, we know precisely their implementation rates and identify any risks that arise. This lets us quickly respond to escalating risks and, most importantly, to prevent their occurrence at an early stage.
  • All significant information on investment processes are made available to investors via periodic and current reports.

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